Friday, April 20, 2012


I've been M.I.A. lately on our personal blog. I've been so busy trying to blog for Dee River Ranch and for the Pickens County Cattlewomen as well as our growing photography business, Hayden More Photography. There has been so much going on and as usual, I don't have enough time in the day.

I wanted to share a great opportunity with everyone... Some friends (the Gordon Family) are trying to #BringMaxHome, their soon-to-be adopted son from Africa. A local business (in Starkville & Columbus), Deep South Pout is hosting a fundraiser event in their honor to help them raise funds to help with their adoption. If you haven't been to DSP, in one word, it is AWESOME. They have THE CUTEST CLOTHES. I've never gone in there and come out empty handed. Their clothes are cute, trendy, and reasonably priced. The business also gives so much back to the community. The fundraiser for the Gordon's starts next week and a portion of the WHOLE WEEK'S profits will help #BringMaxHome

Read more about the Gordon's and their journey bring clicking here! They are such an inspiration. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


After harvest was finished up and Seth got done with most of his field work on the farm, he treated us to a nice little trip to the sunshine state! Last Tuesday, we made the 10 hour drive to Ocala, Florida to visit Aunt Susie& cousins, Stanton and Ben!
While we were there we took Mason on his 1st visit to Disney World!

Most of the lines were too long to ride any of the rides but he didn't seem to mind... He made friends with a duck, splashed in the fountain, and admired the Christmas decorations.


We also got front row seats to the parade.

Mason's favorite part of the whole trip was getting his own Mickey Mouse to take home. 

We hadn't even left the parking lot before he fell sound asleep.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Back in Business

I've just been notified that our internet service has been restored! We've been without the world wide web since this past April...

Updates to follow!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Little Something Up Our Sleeves

You've gotta check out this blog... Kaley & I are working hard to perfect our craft. Here is the fruit of her labor.... Hayden Photography

Wanna see what I've been up to??? I'll post the link later. Check back SOON!  :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

No More Bees!

Finally, we had a professional come to our house and remove the bees from our kitchen wall! It was incredible to see how many bees were inside there!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Family Vacation

We recently returned from a family vacation to the beach. Seth's mom, Mrs. Annie, took us all down to Gulf Shores for an extended weekend. There were 8 of us in all: Mrs. Annie, Seth, me, Mason, Jesse, Leslie, Clay and Carly. You would think this would make for crowded conditions, but we took two cars and stayed in a fabulous condo that had plenty of room. This was an especially special trip because it was the first time any of the kids had ever been to the beach! Needless to say, Clay, Carly, & Mason had a blast...

Clay & Carly on our balcony

Carly & Mason ready for the pool

morning playtime

Mason loved the pool. He probably thought it was the longest bath he'd ever taken

We even tried out his new pool floatie

Daddy didn't warn us of the "monster wave" that crashed into us.

Jesse & Carly playing in the sand

Mason also liked the sand...except when it got in his mouth

Mason and Seth

building a "princess castle"

napping in the tent (a beach essential for babies!)

Clay posing with his skim board

under the umbrella

practice makes perfect

more umbrella time


Lulu's for lunch!

last day on the beach  :(

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Over the past month, we've had some weekends that were jammed-packed full of fun!

Feb 12-13
On Saturday we enjoyed the warm weather with Grandaddy (Mr. Kim) and Kaleb. We went scouting for eagles and then arrowhead hunting. Afterwards, we stopped by the Huerkamp's house to see Lane's new "clubhouse."

We spent Sunday afternoon at the Huerkamp's for Lane's 3rd birthday party. She had a princess party and although only girls were invited, Mason and Seth got to come as my escorts. The girls were precious in their princess costumes! The best part of the afternoon was when Lane saw Cinderella (aka Audrey Shaw) come in! Her face was priceless!


Feb 19-20
Mason and I helped Seth move hay from Geiger to the farm. It was a multi-day event but Mason enjoyed being out-and-about.  During the week, we went to Central Academy's Beauty and Beau Pagent to watch Clay, Carly and Lane. Carly won for her age division! We were so proud of all of them! All three of them were absolutely precious!

Feb 26-27
Grammy came in town to visit Mason (and us)!  Saturday was beautiful, so we played outside and rode around on the farm. Saturday evening, Seth and I attended Charity Ball (hosted by the Noxubee County JA). We had a good time, and enjoyed seeing friends that we haven't seen in a while. Sunday was a day for rest. We were all exhausted.